Jolo Cathedral Killings Sunday

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News just making headlines in UK

27 People have died and many more injured after two bombs went off during a service

It's reported the second bomb went off in the Car park as the military attended.

Palace vows to 'crush' perpetrators of Jolo blasts | ABS-CBN News



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Yes I saw it earlier,  Daesh or what ever they are called are satan's spore , whilst it looks like there will be a peaceful deal between the moro guerrillas and the government,  ISIS and their associates will carry out their lowest levels of depravity to achieve their aims 

Whilst there appears to be piece full co existence spreading in the southern Philippines,  this lot have no intentions of peace , the moro guerrillas will hopefully take care of them

Gf told me that her mother lost 3 brothers in the war against PNA , one had his penis cut off a stuffed un his mouth , he was the C.O. of the battalion , his brothers also fell in that single engagement 

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Jolo. Same as it ever was.




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