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I tried a Rotary club, here in Iloilo.  I got frustrated (and they said most foreigners do) because we never really did anything. I mean, we got money from overseas and hired contractors... but we never did much ourselves, except photo ops.  Also being the only active foreign member, the meetings would start in English and within 15 minutes switched to Ilonggo ha ha.  There are about a dozen clubs here in Iloilo, one day I may try another... 

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The reason that our expat Rotary club was started was due, in no small part, to the frustrations mentioned in the previous post.

We are mainly looking for bite sized projects for two reasons;

1) In the main, expats here have limited time that they can give, and

2) the larger projects need the input of Filipinos as they are the ones with the required contacts and influence.  

That's not to say that we won't take on bigger projects, we have the support of our 'mother' club and together we're working on a project to teach/coach basketball skills to children from the age of eight, with a view to finding stars of the future and sponsors to possibly support scholarships in the US.

Currently we have two small projects looking to help orphaned children. Firstly, we have a UK qualified badminton coach offering to donate his time to teach/coach badminton. Secondly, to try and help their future prospects we are looking into the possibility of teaching them English. 

If you would like to get involved you can either reply to the original post or this one.

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