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2 Motorcycle questions

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On 2/12/2019 at 10:59 AM, Anselm said:

Another thing, if you ever choose to sell it, the buyer will have to do the HPG-PNP police check up in Manila because that's where it was first registered. So you will have trouble selling it. 

Much easier to buy it in Davao, plenty of motorbike shops around.

I meant buy in mnl, use few months and sell again in mnl (and buy another one in davao) 

Not buy in mnl And try to sell in davao


Went to yamaha yesterday and there is a waiting list for the bikes im. Interested I so it was impossible to buy one on the spot anyway

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I'm sure there will be lots of stock in Davao. There are plenty in Marbel where I am, same region 12 as Davao.

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