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We are looking for an inexpensive getaway for a week or so during the kids upcoming vacation time.  We have some cheap flights from Clark to Mactan and we see there are some nicer Air Bnb condos in the Lapu Lapu area, for a nice price.

I know several of you are familiar with the area and I was hoping maybe you could recommend some options based on:

- It will be a stay-put vacation.  We don't plan to go far from the condo so we will use public transportation.

-  Probably no plans to go off of Mactan.  If we did decide to do something elsewhere, we might hire a van and driver for a day.

-  Need a kitchen

- 4 adults and 2 kids

-  Fairly close to a decent beach?  Are there public beaches or will we have to pay at a resort?  That is ok if reasonable.

- Pool and kiddy pool is a a must at the condo.

-  Playground would be great

-  Not far from a decent mall would be nice

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