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Jack Peterson

A little whinge about Time & Communication

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:whistling: SO, we had a phone call late last night from the "Princess Sprog"  Sprog.jpg to say that as she had Finished her year end Exams, she would be coming Home for the Summer :unsure: But as she was on the overnight Ferry from Cebu could we pick her up at the Ferry Port at about 5.30/6.00 am This Morning as she was on her way now. 

Ok so far But we get a phone call at 4am to say She was approaching Dumaguete now as it was a good crossing and it was Early.

at 5 am we get another Phone call to say there were no Porters. No there wouldn't be as the Ferry was so early:hystery: it did not yet have a berth to Land on and the Porters were still ashore. So my friends, this early Start and Good sailing time meant not a lot as the ferry did not Dock until it's normal time of 5.15 am

We love her to bits and when the Dust settles and Dad has been down and bought the all important extra Data for her use up in rapid Bites she is a pleasure to have Home.  Of course Mama is happy  ( For Today) as I have just seen the Dirty Bring Home laundry in the Basket :rolleyes: All in all I say a whinge because Our ladies ( In this house at least) just can't seem to get timings right and still never ever tell us the whole Story ( I stay quiet) Hopefully the rest of this Visit will not end as some do with fraught tempers and higher than Normal Stress levels but have to say it is nice to see me Girls TogetherTrisha and Mum.jpg Sprog and a late coming home mama.jpg Sprog with us at Bais.jpg



 Morning All:photo-109:


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1 hour ago, Jack Peterson said:

  Of course Mama is happy  ( For Today) as I have just seen the Dirty Bring Home laundry in the Basket :rolleyes:

AH, AH! Gonna score a couple of Brownie points here I hope, Helper asked if she could have some time off this afternoon to visit her Sister in the next Barangay as I have a Friend here and she normally sleeps anyway. OK so being me and trying to optimise time where I can, I said OK but as you seem not to be too busy maybe you can help HTMBO  ( "Azon") and do some of that extra laundry. No problem said the girl ( the Helper) can I come back at 5. 30 pm make it 5 I said, so the Dogs can be fed before  "A" gets home from work or they will be left til  later as Trish is home and then the talking starts :smile:

 Boy, you just Gotta  take the right initiative sometimes :wink: Not sure how many points I will get, I guess it depends on how many Pints I have this afternoon ( Think about it) :whistling:

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