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So tired of my wife's relatives.

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My answer to my wife when the sisters ask for cash because of this and that is , tell them to ask there husbands to go out and get a job to support there family , in all the time I have known Emma one of her sisters husband has never work ,they live in Abu Dhabi and she is a ward sister , the other sisters husband has not worked for 2 years his choice as he misses his family .

I have worked since leaving school in 1974 till 2019 and Emma has worked 8 years and all the saving we have made  is towards our future holidays, cars, gadgets and anything else we can think off, O yes I forgot also a house that was built in the Philippines too.

By the way if they did ask myself for cash I would want to know what it was for ‘ The Truth’  and then I would think about it and maybe the answer would still be no .

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