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Life through rose tinted glasses

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On 6/4/2019 at 4:12 AM, stevewool said:

Not to sure where to put this either here or life as a expat, but if it’s wrong please move it.

I am sure we have all heard the saying ‘through rose tinted glasses’ , but usually it’s about me looking at what I am wanting and thinking and yet some others are trying to tell you it’s not like that.

So what happens when your partner sees there own  family through these so called glasses but when I see them they are nothing like this , yet the more I try to explain the more they dig in there heels.

We was at some friends house this weekend and they are going through a house purchase over in the Philippines and it was all going well until a in-law had her say, not a sister or brother but a in-law and it’s caused some problems and this is where I try to tell my partner about what could happen with the in-laws of my extended family, while she was chatting away in there secrete code to each other I knew she understands my concerns but is love blind or is it something deeper, has it been drilled into her that family is more important then anything.

I shall keep my guard up and my favourite saying NO for the £————- we are being asked for not £— where you could afford , so do you have anything like this in your life through your rose coloured glasses

My wife has her own mind. When she doesn’t listen to my opinion, she has probably already factored in me being clueless as to the situation at hand.

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