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Pensions and currency exchange rates

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15 hours ago, robert k said:

I wasn't giving financial advise, just raising a possible course of action. In your place I would be monitoring things and I would strike while I thought the iron was hot. And I would probably miss the best, either way but most likely, good enough. The fear of possible loss of future gain is a tough thing to deal with. You could hedge your bets, either way.

I hear you.

The little guy usually misses the best time when it comes to investment but as long as we also miss the worst it's not the end of the world.  In actuality, my funds are tied up in bonds anyway, so I can do nothing but observe. 

I have a sneaking feeling the GBP will not plummet anyway - the market hates uncertainty more than anything and once we have clarity over Brexit the market may be more comfortable with the humble pound.  Here's hoping.

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