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21 hours ago, OnMyWay said:

Here in Subic Bay Freeport / Olongapo City is literally did not stop raining for about 36 hours until this afternoon, when there was a break.  We live in the old Navy neighborhood in the hills with good drainage, so no issues here.  Except, at the entrance.  They started a drainage project there in January, due to finish in May, and totally botched it so far.  Residents are pissed of.  The road flooded there this morning with a reported 2-3 feet of water.

In Olongapo they use the bridges to measure how high the water is and the danger for flooding.  This is the most recent and much better than about 2 pm.  Two of them were at Critical level then.  The next high tide will raise it all up again and if that coincides with heavy rainfall, there could be flooding.


I remember the old Navy housing. When my ship made port once a friend of mine that was stationed there lived in it. He took me out to his house for a BBQ. Commissary was close by. Go Cart track and NCO club close by also.:tiphat:

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