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My wife and step-daughter were approved for their NZ visitor visas, and we were surprised when it came back as a 3 year multiple entry.  Last time, the first visit, it was just for the dates surrounding their visit.  This time, I did it online and it took about 10 days from submission to approval.  It is an e-visa so there is no visa in your passport.

Last time, 3 years ago, I think the online option did not exist and we did a paper application, with a sponsor.   This time, we had the option of paper or online.  I think the online option is more work but there some advantages.  All the documents you submit are limited in size and have to be combined, etc.  If you are not computer inclined, the paper option is better.

Now, even though my 2 little daughters and I are U.S. cititzens, we have to get a NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority), $12 NZD  and pay the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL).  The IVL costs NZD $35 per head.  Wife and step-daughter paid it as part of their visa.

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Good for you and your family, OMW!!! Enjoy your time there! NZ is an incredible country and full of so many wonders to experience - beers, wine, cheese, food. Kiwis are lovely people. Try to get to the South Island. But bring plenty of insect repellent wherever you go for the very nasty "midges," or sand flies that are almost everywhere. Their bites hurt and itch and, if you dare touch the sites, can get infected easily... The bites can last for several days - much worse than mozzie bites...

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