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Somebody on here said they paid paypal and he had no refund when he didn`t receive the goods. I have just come across this on FB so this is one to watch out for.

We have had a report of crime where a victim has bought items from an online buying and selling page and made payment through PayPal.

As the victim had been in regular friendly contact with the suspect, when they were asked to tick the ‘friends and family’ box on PayPal (to avoid fees for the vendor) they didn’t hesitate to do so. In doing this the seller was telling PayPal that they trusted the vendor. When the items purchased did not appear the vendor also disappeared. They contacted PayPal who said that they were not covered as they had ticked this box.

Always click the Paying for an item or service button unless you really do know and trust the person you are buying from as PayPal will not reimburse you. This notice was issued by Whiltshire police.

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