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Sad Reality Of Death

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2 hours ago, Jack Peterson said:

I Often wonder what goes on in the minds of the Official Police or authorities Photographers, Does it Haunt them? I somehow do not think so or they would give the Job Up :89: But it is a strange world we live in :huh:

Many years ago I was painting the outside of a morgue, I needed some windows opened so I went in and there was two corpses on the tables one with his chest opened up and tubes draining the fluids. How hard I tried not to look at them I kept staring at them.     :sad:

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My brother , a Scottish police officer for over 30 years , told me tgat people woukd not belive what he has seen as a policeman 

One job that he did was to put the body parts back together and into coffins for Lockerbie 

He told me that the first burial in the town was of a local woman , all that was in the coffin was a hip joint a bit of leg and lots of big stones to make the weight 


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