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Tommy T.

Ham Radio

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I still have no definite answer about ‘long term reciprocal licensing but my guess is once you have the license no one would enforce ‘how long’, they don’t chase pirates are they going to chase a reciprocal license holder?  My only concern would be renewal, I’m not sure how that would work.

And yes 3 extras to do an extra or general class license exam is my understanding also.  Generals can do Technician exams I think?

It would be great to catch up in Davao some time, hopefully when I back home from Aussie.

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11 hours ago, GeoffH said:

 Generals can do Technician exams I think?

I cannot say for sure today, but it was that way for a long time that I was aware, up until about 5 years ago when I sort of dropped out of the amateur radio scene. Personally, I would have to check in with the two main credential issuing stations - W5YI,  and W1AW, I think? 

Now I am really interested to get into it again. I will have a room in the new home that will be mostly my domain (man cave?) and the location should be good for HF... Then to rescue those rigs from the storage unit... Plus I will need to get antenna tuners since I don't want to fuss with measuring and calibrating long wires or whatever, without good tuners. I am also interested to train L in this so that we can have direct communication in case of emergencies. The house is at 1 km with line-of-sight to the central city. So that should work. I would prefer to set us up on frequencies not used by pirates - so HF... maybe 30 meters? I will have to think about this...

I am still interested to hear what you discover regarding reciprocal licensing. My guess is that they have little to no officialdom here to deal with that - it is such a tiny part of the bureaucracy. But I also see the relevance of it considering the volcanoes and now the virus and the logistics of travel between islands. Internet can be (usually is here) super slow and phone service is commonly less than stellar. I think there is still a place for us with our 20th century technology!

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