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Worldremit, no I dont recommend them like I did for years

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4 hours ago, Jollygoodfellow said:

I dont get your point.

I had it circled.   Forget the stated fees.  Its all BS.  The bottom line is you spend AUS$5009 with World Remit and get PHP173,228  OR you pay AUS$5000 with Transferwise and get PHP176,293.  (EDIT:  The first pic I showed was Aussie bank to Philippine bank with Transferwise.  The second pic was World Remit Aussie dollars to Philippine Pesos picked up at L'Huiier.  Perhaps they also have bank to bank.  I did not check that.)

That means you spend $10 less with Transferwise (as their fee is included and not additional)  and  you get 3,000 pesos MORE with Transferwise.  The rest of it is all smoke and mirrors.

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I use Transferwise and continue to compare them to other services regularly. Transferwise (after all is said and done) always winds up delivering the largest in-Peso deposits at the best rates. Also, these days, 99% of my transfers are appearing in my PH bank accounts within 24 hours. So, there's that as well.

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