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On 9/29/2019 at 6:03 PM, Mike J said:

And you had to come to attention, salute, and say the magic words; "Sir, your rank & name, reporting for pay."   As if they didn't already know why you were there, and the name was sewn on your shirt. :whistling:

Actually in those days it was stenciled on my shirt! :hystery:

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8 hours ago, BC57 said:

The SS calendar says that people that get both SS and SSI get paid on the 3rd. For those that get SS get paid according to their birthdays. Mine Bday is between the 21st and 31st so I get paid on the fourth Wednesday of every month. I was curious if our deposits are delayed a day or two because they are international direct deposit. Hopefully the deposit hits the bank in the afternoon since we are about 12 hours ahead of the east coast. I heard that BPI post our deposits the same day as in the US, but I'm not sure about Landbank.

The 3rd of the month is when they release the money regardless of your birth date. You might be looking at older rules or they haven't bothered to update the website.:wave:

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