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Small world Filipinos overseas your wife meets?

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This always happens with my wife too, who is constantly meeting other Filipinas in the States.

But is this really any different than Yanks recognizing other Yanks in the Phils?... or Kiwi's recognizing other Kiwi's in the Phils... or Aussies recognizing other Aussies, etc.?

Maybe it's just overhearing a word or two that identifies where we're from?... or maybe it's just that we have different mannerisms from each other?

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Something similar happened yesterday.

As we are on holiday here in the Philippines and it’s been nearly ten years since Emma moved to the England and before that she has lived in Marikina but was born in Tarlac and moved from there when she was around 3 years old.

The taxi driver we had from the airport once they had started chatting was from Tarlac many years ago too, it’s a small world we live in.

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