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Jack Peterson

A new twist on Carol Singers

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I went Yesterday to  police Liaison Meeting at our Barangay hall.

One thing that was important to me was the Thieving that is going on now, this was of course mainly for the Dumaguete Area but it seems other places have suffered the same in varying degrees. What is happening is that there are gangs about that are Breaking and Entering mainly Foreigners ( But also wealthy Locals) the Kids Sing ' LOL' and make a lot of Noise until they are sure that there is no one Home, They then phone others and bang You are done. It transpires that they never seem to take Articles Just money, No cards  just Money, Recently I heard that this is happening even on gated properties/secure Compounds.

 Just a Heads up that while we (Well many) complain about so many carol Singers, maybe we should just put a light on or give them a couple of peso when they are at the Gate, so they know that the House is NOT Empty

As I said Just a heads up But...................... let's all be Vigilant :thumbsup:

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