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Single with Money = Great Life in the Philippines

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Totally agree with the sentiments expressed here. Life as a single retired  guy is excellent. I had many years of being married to an Asia lady but eventually the fights, the nagging , the lack of shared interests after kids left told, and we went our separate ways.

I live in my own condo in Makati and travel 50% of the time.. sometimes around Philippines sometimes internationally.

Im only alone when I wish to be and spend most of my shared time with a nice lady who is quite a bit younger than myself.

Im happily retired and whilst I watch my expenditure and defintely dont spend US$ 100 a day I have a good life and enjoy all my time.

If I become old and inform will be easy enough to find a carer or two.. preferably two , one young and cute , one older more sensible and knowledgeable. dont need a wife for that. Will not be marrying ever again. We all make our own life choices and Im happy with mine.

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