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New employees - working hours.

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44 minutes ago, Jollygoodfellow said:

He said he was offering 400 a day for a gardening job. Not sure of my tone in written text.

It's not such a big deal but he did say 400 for a gardening job but we were talking about a job offer for factory workers - not the same at all.  

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Yesterday 4 new employees arrived on site, they were recruited from another province, where it seems their working hours and conditions were not explained to them in detail. When we explained to

So with the gardening situation I just came back from talking to the owner of the hardware store who I have been dealing with for the last 12 months, and dealing with him alone, and when I buy somethi

The funny thing about it was, that they were serious. I asked my partner to inquire to them if they would like breakfast in bed as well, but she declined.

come work for me underground in the dark and I will give you a hurt feelings report lol.  there is a old saying two men went into the stope and one came out. That being said the younger generation of underground miners do not have the same outlook. Us old guys have a lot more fun at work, the young guys are too busy listening to music on there phones, or playing games. while us old guys sit around (when we can find down time) talking about women and what we will do when we finally call it quits. The comradery  is  disappearing from the job, it started with all the safety procedures being put in place, taking the responsibility from looking after your fellow worker from you and putting it into a procedure/sop. where I work it is standard operating  procedure to be tied off with a 5 point harness when up off the ground more than 4 feet. aaaaaaaarg drives me crazy, what ever happened to survival of the fittest and thinning the herd? Just let me do my job and stay out of my way. Ok rant over, if the safety officer reads this I will probably need a hurt feelings report. 

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I supervised a payroll and billing department for many years.  My staff knew that when I "asked" them to do something it was not a "request".  I treated them with respect, they worked hard, and the best performers made the most money.  They were basically a happy and productive crew with little turnover and very few work complaints.  You do not have to be a "nice guy" or a "hard ass" to be a good supervisor.  I have worked for both types and neither is particularly successful in managing people. 

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