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4 hours ago, RBM said:

I consider driving in IloIlo a pleasure after Bacolod, Dumaguete and Cebu. 

Wonder if its just me, Dumaguete due to sheer number of kids on motor cycles is crazy.

Yes...but it's all relative.  Less of a nightmare perhaps, a pleasure surely not. 

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In my experience they drive the same way they walk or play their stereos - in a personal bubble.  'In my bubble I will do whatever I want, whenever I want. It is your problem to deal with it.' (my wif

Baby Busses, Passenger Jeepneys and Tricycles pretty much own the roads here in Cavite. While waiting in with the rest of the traffic, they will counter flow, sometimes by the dozens. If they can't ge

Driving home from Balanga teatime just getting dark, the number of bike and trike with no back lights, completely blacked out. Or worse the wrong colour light at the back,. Major four lane road with h

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On 2/24/2020 at 6:07 AM, JDDavao said:

I wanted to smack her in the back of the head and shout, "What'samattayou!?" But we can't do that.

So, a while back I was crossing a street, in a group, with the walk light, in a crosswalk - still watching out.  A jeepney pulled in front of us, blocking the cross walk, trying to make a right turn (but the traffic was WAY too heavy to allow that).  So I naturally hit his hood of his jeep and gave him a friendly Texas greeting "Hey, I'm walking here".  He just looked at me dumbfounded ha ha And it was the jeepney I needed to get on, around the corner at the jeep stop :tiphat:

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I like Toril (a small town that is part of Davao City) for the transportation set up...  People who own a vehicle only use them on the highway to go to Davao or for groceries...  Jeepneys go from Toril to Davao only - none rotating though the streets here...  That is tricycle country..!!!  I've often mused about taking a photo of our main downtown street...  50 tricycles followed by a jeepney heading from the terminal to the highway, 100 trikes, maybe a taxi or a private vehicle, 100 trikes...

As for how they drive?  I'm surprised by the number of people here who don't realize there are different rules for driving...  Vehicle on the right had priority except at intersections when certain conditions apply, etc...  Yeah, check at LTO and you'll see what I mean...


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