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10 hours ago, GeoffH said:

Do people really pay 10% agent fees?  The last two houses I sold the agent fees were 2.1% and 2.5%.


A friends wife in Cebu who is an agent quoted an acquaintance 10% to sell his condo. Online research say no rules but typically,

Quote, https://www.lamudi.com.ph/journal/qa-how-much-should-i-pay-a-broker-if-im-selling-my-property/

A: There are no rules truly set in stone when when it comes to what percentage of the price of a home sale is to be paid to the selling broker, and in the Philippines, the common amount is between

2 and 6 percent. Specifically, the range for real estate brokers is between 3 and 6, while for real estate agents, it is between 2 and 3 percent.

End Quote

Anyway not really what this topic is about. :thumbsup:

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Yes - indeed .

My reason for raising the topic is that the facility is there and yet it is seldom if ever availed of and so this suggests that it is not seen as an attractive option for various reasons or nobody on this forum ever sells anything .

It is completely understandable that you do not need more moderator input for no return whilst others are benefiting from an ability to market their product whatever it might be.

My suggestion to Jakub was to do as other expat sites I have seen do - give free access to members to advertise and charge commercial organisations to generate cash flow - that or some mix of that

At the moment it generates no income for you.

Anyway just my thoughts ..........

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Posted (edited)

My thoughts are you have successfully advertised your property here for free. 👌Well played sir. :smile:


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