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I Mac / Bootcamp and Ubundu

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I am on an IMac with Mojave 10.14.6 - 27 inch late 2012

I have downloaded the latest Ubuntu to a separate flash drive.

I have a 120 GB SSD start up drive along with a 1TB drive which has a 50 GB Bootcamp partition.

Is it possible to install Ubundu into Bootcamp as use as you would do Windows ?

There are quiet a number of links online both positive and negative and sometimes confusing.

Has anyone here tried it ?

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It used to be possible to install Linux into Bootcamp with Windows because I did it a few years ago (I'm sure the procedure hasn't altered that much).

I found it difficult to use Bootcamp with the three operating systems and ended up using the Linux boot loader to load Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

I can't really give advice because I pretty much just followed an online guide.

The bigger issue is making sure that your hardware is fully supported in the version of Linux you're installing, that's generally easier if your computer isn't the latest model as drivers under Linux tend to lag behind Windows and Mac OS drivers.

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