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MGCQ versus GCQ - my experience

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1 minute ago, RBM said:

Tommy you talk about guide lines well I have just read 48 arrested over weekend in Bacolod for not having an approved safety barrier installed during riding with a back rider. This includes from my understanding wife or partner.

Another guide line....take jeeps....plastic barrier installed between passengers, OK, but they sit facing each other less than a meter apart....yapping away etc. No barrier down center of jeep, at least not here in Bacolod.

Times its just scratch my head and WTF....

Yeah... that's what I see and read about here too. How many times have I seen and sometimes motioned to people who are either not wearing masks or not covering their noses as well as mouths by just doing a simple tap on the mask on my nose. I am always polite and sometimes mention that I am old and at risk... They never complain or look crossly at me.

Same deal here with the jeepneys - plastic between the passengers, but the center is wide open.

But I guess maybe some measures are working because - as of this moment - infection rates are very low here....

I think the motorcycle barrier rule is dumb... but.... I like the photo that somebody posted with a marriage license and photo on the front of the bike to prove the relationship.:laugh:

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