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9 minutes ago, Jollygoodfellow said:

no one follows the so called rules

It is the mind set, culture, mentality call it what you will of the Filipino. My favorite example is the Popes visit. When the Pope visited Seoul South Korea, the area was paked and not a speck of trash was left. (sorry cant find the pik) . When he was in Manila they hauled off 23 trucks of trash.

Truth is Truth, not bashing



pope trash.jpg

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What will get me when I go to ask a salesperson something and I cant hear or understand through a facemask as well as a face shield and probably soon a Hazmat suit. Then add the plastic shield at the

That's nothing. GF bought some avocado shake which I think has cream on the top when we were at the mall on Saturday. Using a spoon full of this stuff she managed to smear the shield good but I guess

Thats abit rough. Beauty is in the eye of, well you know but what's ugly to you may not be to someone else besides Filipinos and us think differently as some I have talked to seem to think westerners

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22 minutes ago, scott h said:

When he was in Manila they hauled off 23 trucks of trash.

I bet there was not one trash bin in sight either. Like most things here, could have been organised better. 

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10 hours ago, scott h said:

Real time Report. 9am Manila time.

I read Jollys post and said F it, and took a 200 meter walk up our main street and over one street back through our pelenke. Bottom line up front. I saw more pedestrians wearing face shields than employees.

Butcher shop, rice dealer, key maker, Andoks chicken, face masks only. Super 8 dry goods store and Mercury Drugs had face shields but visors pushed back so mouth and nose exposed. Went through the Pelenke, none of the fish, vegetable or meat stalls were searing shields. Since it is drizzling right now, the Barangay Tanods who usually walk around with a bull horn each morning telling people to social distance were nowhere to be seen. 

This is the Main pelenke and Market for this part of the city, no police, no tanods, no soldiers, and technically we are still un mecq. Oh and one of the barbershops was open, no shield and mask down to his chin.

Mask was only required to entry Mercury here

In Subic Freeport there is a requirement to wear a mask and shield on public transport.  We only have taxis and a few point to point buses.  In businesses the employees are wearing them in some places, but not all.  I went to Starbucks this evening for the first time since Covid, and they were not wearing shields.  They have heavy plexiglass all over.  I suspect that will be there forever as it is very heavy duty.

However, my wife went to Royal Duty Free this morning and said it appeared she was the only customer not wearing a shield.  The employees have been wearing them there for a while.  Here is the next step for all of us.  She snapped this pic at Royal.


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2 hours ago, OnMyWay said:

n Subic Freeport there is a requirement to wear a mask and shield on public transport.

That is a nationwide new rule. Problem I found on Sunday in the taxi is that I could not wear my sunglasses with damn shield. The drivers of taxis have a screen around them and a mask. Difficult handing the money over.

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Another reason I have no respect for the local police.

I just went to our near by water station, next to it is one of those roadside vulcanizing shops, Young police officer getting his scooter repaired. Talking to another young man who WAS NOT wearing a mask! They just stood there and chatted, and laughed together. Then the civilian lit up a smoke and they continued chatting. 

Two blatant violations of the law, right in front of a kop and nothing was done.:571c66d400c8c_1(103):



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11 hours ago, Jollygoodfellow said:

Problem I found on Sunday in the taxi is that I could not wear my sunglasses with damn shield

There are two basic types of shield, one has a glasses frame inside it which makes wearing your own glasses or sunglasses nearly impossible and the other type does not (it uses a foam pad across the forehead).  I have to use the second type because I wear glasses to drive.  I would suggest the second type for anyone who needs to wear glasses.


shield type 2.jpg

shield type 1.jpg

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On 8/14/2020 at 9:32 AM, Tommy T. said:

Face shields are becoming more common here now, although not yet mandated.

L wears hers always when we are out. I have not, so far, but probably should since I am at more risk than her.

Interestingly, nobody wears masks at the home site unless we are there. Much of Mintal population does not wear masks. Motorcycle riders often don't wear helmets and few bike riders wear closed-toe shoes... It is sort of like the wild west USA out there... Not commenting on this, just observing and reporting...

They are mandated in the city of Calapan

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