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1 hour ago, Shady said:

True but that's your region's rules, not the nation's, and not my region where almost nobody except the workers are wearing shields.

Actually, I have not seen any government announcement about shields here locally, but the major stores started requiring shields.  Not much you can do if you want to shop.

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What will get me when I go to ask a salesperson something and I cant hear or understand through a facemask as well as a face shield and probably soon a Hazmat suit. Then add the plastic shield at the

That's nothing. GF bought some avocado shake which I think has cream on the top when we were at the mall on Saturday. Using a spoon full of this stuff she managed to smear the shield good but I guess

Thats abit rough. Beauty is in the eye of, well you know but what's ugly to you may not be to someone else besides Filipinos and us think differently as some I have talked to seem to think westerners

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they finally did it, face shields are now mandatory in public here in Paranaque. 

I google translated this from Phil star , more to follow


MANILA, Philippines — aside from public transport and to employees and workers, mandatory well wearing face shield, besides face mask in public places in the city of Parañaque.

It is based on the City Ordinance No. 2020-99, which must wear face shield if it is within workplace, public transportation and indoor public place, the city's jurisdiction.

Whenever you talk or participate with coworkers, clients or any guests must wear a face shield and face mask.

Face shield can only be removed if it is necessary in specific work work or occupational safety and health by employees.

In proportion, 000.00 fines and an additional 8-hour community service or 6 hours in the first transgression; In the second is P3, 000 fine and 11 hour community service or 9 hours and the third and subsequent offenses are P5, 000 fine and 14 hours community service or 12 hours. What is defined in the ordinance that should be made of clear plastic or acetate, easy to detect or clear, full face coverage and the visor type and durable easy to clean.

Such advisory was also ipinaskil yesterday by Parañaque Mayor Edwin Olivarez on his Facebook page.

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This morning I saw one of my neighbours taking his morning walk - fully kitted out with mask and shield and...a hazmat suit!  Honestly speaking, If I though a hazmat suit was needed I'd forego my morning walk.

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