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8 hours ago, Kuya John said:

Question; Is that Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland ?

As far as I recall any person stating they are no longer resident UK citizen, would have to apply for repatriation when returning to UK and if just visiting is not intitled to UK benefits such as Hospitalization etc; just a thought on my part if you decide to return.

I would also presume that keeping a UK postal address has consquences. Jack Peterson will probably be the man to be up to date on these things. :thumbsup:

Your last sentence is pertinent - various government departments may consider you resident if you maintain an address/home in the UK.  A financial adviser told me this in Hong Kong so worth bearing in mind.

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14 hours ago, Dieter8 said:

I thought so too after completing 2 applications in the past 2 years . When I added my Filipina wife to the account it took 1 year to complete .  New accounts cannot be opened with both JP Morgan and Fidelity Luxembourg !  I think they don't want retail customers  only Institutional Investors .  What bank did you use in the UK ?  

Santander International and Nationwide International were the ones I use/used.  Nationwide International are gone now.

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I asked them to change  it to housewife but they were reluctant . My tax reporting is still in Ireland . The postal service in the Phil to the provinces is not reliable and I always use registered post . The reason I am giving a postal address in Ireland .

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