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Annulment Lawyer - Quezon Recommendations?


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Putting yourself in a very vulnerable position being in a relationship with a married woman while living in the Phils (always assumed to be sexual of course).

You would both be breaking current laws.  


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15 hours ago, Dave Hounddriver said:

So it "MAY" work if they move to another country (Thailand?) for an extended time, get a divorce saying she has become naturalized in another country (so long as her spouse is not contesting then who's gonna care?)

Anyway, it is just a suggestion as the laws are slowly changing while the Philippines comes into the 20th Century (not a typo . . they seem 100 years behind in some areas).

From my understanding if she is already married in the Philippines she cant just divorce  the husband overseas. If she was a naturalised citizen in another country and was able to marry while overseas the marriage could be called fraud as she had no annulment from the first marriage. 

I dont know of anywhere that allows someone already married to marry again without in this counties case annulment first. Yes if she got an annulment then moved overseas and married someone and divorced later then that would be recognized by the Philippines because she was not married here so just proving she is divorced and in that case if she wanted to marry again in the Philippines it would be OK.

That's my understanding and reading of the link. Either way for what it's worth who would bother. I thought marriage went out of fashion anyway.  :2245_safe:

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