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Welcome to the Forum MacDonald.

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Welcome to the forum macdonald.

My fiancee and  I have a house in CDO but I was unlucky enought to be in Australia selling a house (which isn't quick) and by the time it sold the borders had closed so I'm stuck in Australia until they open back up again :(

I will be back at some time but no idea when right now.

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Hi GeoffH, It was a struggle for us also, in getting here in early July. Then, it wasn't till after our quarantine ended the end of July, that we were able to start getting our lives back. We're nicely setup now in uptown CDO. If you ever make it back to CDO, maybe we could connect. We like eating out. Pretty much all you can do besides shopping, for the time being. Hopefully we don't get a second dose of the virus here and can start getting back to something, that resembles normal. 

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