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I will post in a separate thread on my experiences there yesterday :)

Let me tell you even the small 3-4 hours I was there, the corruption is still very much alive and well and kind of "accepted" at least for now.

I do agree with you though.  Not only that, but who knows with extortion attempts and whatever.   So yes, don't do it though in some cases they make it hard to avoid it.

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Perhaps you need to read the "Internal" rules https://www.philippineconsulatela.org/useful-links/balikbayan-program-for-overseas-filipinos

Under normal circumstances there would not be a time limit for you.  Under normal circumstances you would be able to come back on a Balikbayan stamp.  But theses are not normal times.  Check with the

It was Certainly a relaxed part of the Law But I tend to think that may stop 

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