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Foreign Accent?

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18 hours ago, Kuya John said:

Hi Terry

Maybe I should of mentioned I'm from Liverpool originally Lah  :hystery::hystery::hystery:

Cum ed lah


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agreed,,,,we fight way to many OTHER nations wars 

I have a hard enough time being understood when I speak English, never mind Filipino. Made even worse by the use of American English here which as I find many times when thrown in with a Filipino educ

We (still) have a class system in the UK. The 'stiff upper-lipped'  Brit cliche is more an upper-crust thing.  Then we have the 'chavs' and football hooligans at the other end of the scale..

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2 hours ago, jimeve said:

Cum ed lah



:facepalm_80_anim_gif:   Q; Why did I mention I'm from Liverpool....

Answer: Cause You'll never walk alone :cheersty:

Gerry & The Pacemakers - Ferry Cross The Mersey (1965) - YouTube


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