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Grocery Prices Going Up?

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10 minutes ago, OnMyWay said:

Yes, I do like cashews and I have been eating a lot lately, as they go well with my keto diet.  I have several sources and have not bought online yet.  I posted the Kirkland because it was so outrageous.

Actually that same day Pure Gold Duty Free had some roasted and salted Planters cashews in a good sized can for $9, and I bought them.  I did the math and the per gram cost was just slightly higher than I like to pay.

We have a kiosk outside of Royal Duty Free called Willly's.  Price is fine and they are always fresh.  p250 for 250 grams whole, or p200 for 250 grams of cracked.  I am a regular there.


I think All About Baking does have our best prices locally for raw cashews, but I don't go there often.

I prefer roasted and salted, which is always a bit more.  Nutwalker brand is good quality and ok price.  I think about p200 for 185 grams.

From memory Doc Berry recommends walnuts over cashews

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I don't think so.  I have found that Office Warehouse has better prices than National Bookstore.  The box I have has lasted a long time.    

Price of vegetables and fish seem to be lower than normal here Moalboal.  More people fishing and planting because virtually all jobs relating to tourism have disappeared. t Many more little roadside

The local market prices have always gone up at this time of year due to the rainy season and of course Christmas.  The price of some imported stuff is just ridiculous. For healthy stuff like nuts

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10 hours ago, RBM said:

One can always drink Beer Na Beer almost half price of SM.

And stay away from those 2 gastropubs in Bacolod with very high prices.

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13 hours ago, jpbago said:

And stay away from those 2 gastropubs in Bacolod with very high prices.

Most retos here provide substandard food at inflated prices. Sure understand high rents, staff issues and such, still quality here leaves so much to be desired.  We rarely go out to eat, my partner cooks to my taste, different curries and she bakes a lot with minimum sugar so eat substandard at inflated prices.

I do enjoy a beer  out doors which is easy here under the stars, at times will have a chicken with rice....Thats it just chicken an rice nothing extra provided....

No complaints as its how it is...still the beers good.

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