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Anyone considering visiting your homeland or another country for a vaccine inoculation?

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With priority phases of distribution being established...probably better to let everyone who wants a vaccine to get one before seeking a second one any ways.  Plus, even those who don't get a vaccine will benefit from those that do. The more people vaccinated... the better for all.

As they prioritize who gets it in which phase... I wondering those who already have had COVID will lose priority for that reason?

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I feel "relatively" safe here in the Philippines and will not be traveling to the USA for any reason in the foreseeable future where current infections are topping 100,000 per day.  When/if the vaccin

Not really and knowing my Luck if I did, I would catch it on the way as so many have during travel 

Based on infection rates in our respective countries compared to here, Old55, the expression Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire springs to mind!

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On 11/9/2020 at 5:04 PM, Old55 said:

Anyone thinking of returning to your homeland or some other country for a vaccine? 

As things progress, I am leaning more towards just staying here and waiting it out.

To be honest, the way things stand now our lives are the same as they were before this mess started. We can now visit all the stores, restaurants and activities that we used to. The hassle of wearing a mask and shield are now just as common place as getting patted down by a security guard or checking your bags at the counter before entering.

The one caveat is visiting resorts. They are open but require a swab test (some same day, some with in 24 hours) before check in. But even this is improving. There are two hotels (admittedly high end) here in the Metro that have on site testing, get tested, wait an hour and check in. The progress on saliva test, once ready will be a game changer IMHO.

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The option of going home/elsewhere for vaccination may not be a viable one for those of us with partners/children here for all sorts of reasons, not least they may not be able to enter the place. 

Given the fact we've made it thus far I'd definitely say sit tight here unril the dust settles and see how the land lies then.

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