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Trying to make sense of real estate for sale postings

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15 hours ago, Snowy79 said:

I'd be happy if they listed properties that are still for sale/rent

Sites like dotproperty, lamudi, trovit don't just not remove expired ads, they repost them as new, a big waste of time for potential buyers/renters.

FB has a different problem, I've had sellers raise the price as soon as I respond to their ad, like I wouldn't notice...


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We looked at FB adds and ran into some of the things mentioned here.  We finally bought our house through word of mouth.  Our Inay had a friend who's sister was trying to sell their vacation home in Tuy, Batangas.  My wife and I visited and she fell in love.  The owner had a lawyer on retainer as she had several properties and lots of experience so with his help and some help from another lawyer we retained the process was pretty smooth.

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