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Sending cheese in a balikbayan box

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1 hour ago, Joey G said:

Actually sounds normal.... we used to make parmesan cheese "crackers" with Kraft Parmesan in the US.... form into a circle and bake.... ends up like a flat parmesan chip/cracker. It doesn't "melt" like other cheeses... too dry.

Cheddar cheese normally melts. Not pamasian as like you said parmesan is a dry cheese. If you toast a ham and cheddar cheese sandwich it will melt.

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I often wondered who was the first person to eat mouldy blue cheese and this is an eye opener.  I now realize it was probably a cheap fellow who recieved a shipment of mouldy cheese and decided he wou

Speaking of cheese. The other day I made a pizza. Imported mozzarella and decided to put some Philippines shredded cheddar cheese on top as well. The cheddar didn't even melt. What sort of fake cheese

I have just received a balikbayan box with some cheese from the UK inside. It was sent on September 2nd. I was a bit wary of if the cheese would be ok. I can tell you that apart from sweating and bein

I have just tasted this cheese without anything with it. When it was sent it was mature cheddar I would now put it at a medium and it is a bit crumbly. I have some more coming at the end of this year so I will put that (unopened) in the ref for a month ,maybe, to see if it will regain the softness and mature taste. If it does not then no big loss. The boxes we have sent are a success, wesave money and get things we cannot easily get here.

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Worse case Kevin it would be useful to cook with so not a loss at all.

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My Filipina wife always fancied 'Eden Cheese' when we lived in the Philippines.

She was always shocked by how much money I'd spend on imported European cheeses at SM market.

Now, that she lives in the US and has tasted so many domestic (and imported) cheeses in the US, she claims that she'd never go back to eating 'Eden Cheese' again.

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On 11/28/2020 at 6:12 PM, Snowy79 said:

I've been there also.  The cheese came grated and I sprinkled it onto my pizza.  The finished article looked like it had fries on top.  The cheese had dried out and turned crispy just like three day old overcooked fries. 

I made cheese on toast and this cheese melted fine. Yours must have been older I guess.

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