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Entry of a US Citizen as of Jan 29

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2 hours ago, TerryP said:

still rescheduling dates on the same booking

That works when you don't have a kid in school and a wife with a job.  Otherwise ya lose yer money.

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11 hours ago, baronapart said:

My wife was supposed to travel back to the Philippines last April on PAL booked through an online travel site. We were one of the lucky ones to get a refund relatively quickly (30 days) but it took hours on hold and more time talking to people with no power to do anything.

They've sorted that glitch in the system.  Now it's all computerised and you can't speak to a human.  Everything is computerised or via email. Replies they say can take up to 7 days which is fantastic when they cancel the first part of your flight the night before but still give you a boarding pass for the second leg. :571c66d400c8c_1(103): 

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Just sucks you were sorta "dumbed" out of your BB stamp but then again I guess it's better that they let you in lol.

That's insane that they wouldn't have this sort of thing as a priority to make sure their staff is up to date as some of this stuff is big time life impacting.

Oh well it's the Philippines and welcome back :)

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