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46 minutes ago, Dave Hounddriver said:

Few people will tolerate an opinion that differs from their own.  Its sad, really. 

Kind of like our forum? :hystery:

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As the old sayings go "A Rose by any other name would smell as good" and "A difference that makes no difference is no difference" 

The idea behind a vaccine or health passport is to provide information about your medical status.  In exchange, you are given permission to once again visit shopping malls; enjoy entertainment venues;

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May be an image of text that says 'Although COVID-19 spreads mostly via the mouth and nose, scientists now conclude that the greatest risk comes from assholes. 는'

And farts are not what is being referred to.

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It looks like the US has kicked the vaccine passport into touch and in the UK over 80 MP's are petitioning the Government against having one. 


When the POTUS was asked his opinion he said " Well em it's like, but off course, over to ah and then dropped his cue cards. :whistling: ( I might have made that bit up.)


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I'm not surprised that the USA have decided against Vaccine Passports but neither am I surprised that the EU and England have decided to go ahead with them (and Australia looks likely to follow suit).

The USA has traditionally had a higher resistence to national databases and similar programs than most other first world countries.

It does make me wonder how it will play out for USA citizens wanting to partake in overseas travel in the future though given that vaccine passports will almost certainly become more common not less.


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The US federal government is unlikely to get involved in the vax passport business but private entities and state governments certainly will.

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