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Automatic Voltage Regulators, AVR, and Surge Protectors

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1 hour ago, jimeve said:

Got a deep cycle battery 120 Ah hooked up to an inverter, not sure how long it would last with a 50 inch TV. 


Hey, Jim... If that battery is a "wet" cell - which I am sure it likely is - be careful to monitor the voltage. You will experience best life of that battery if you don't let the "at rest" voltage drop below about 12.6 volts. It also should be cycled periodically - discharge it using your computer or appliances to get it down to that 12.6 or maybe even 12.5 - maybe twice yearly. Otherwise, the battery will accumulate sulfate on the internal plates and that will reduce the life of it. Buy a hygrometer - if you can find one - to monitor the voltage via the electrolyte (water and acid) of each cell, unless it is a sealed battery... Also, coat the electrodes of the battery and the connectors with grease or Vaseline to prevent corrosion.

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8 hours ago, Tommy T. said:

If that battery is a "wet" cell - which I am sure it likely is

It will likely be a sealed gel.  I am sure he did his research and things have change SO SO much since you had your yacht.  I ran my entire one bedroom apartment with aircon, toaster, microwave etc all able to run at the same time.  Only thing beyond the reach was the on-demand hot water heater.  My 2 x 200 sh lasted 8 hours if I kept the aircon use to a bare minimum.

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