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The Silent Treatment, known in the Philippines as Tampo.

Guy F.

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 Tampo time is the time I actually assert my reason for being here, for PEACE not silliness. On these occasions I do have the LAST word and they know when I am annoyed. :angry:

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12 hours ago, Mike J said:

Behavior that is rewarded with gifts or money will be repeated in the future.  Just my opinion of course.  

My feelings exactly. 

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I'd personally rather have AM and her anger than any sort of cold shoulder behaviour, at least it's out there in the open and being discussed, well eventually :thumbsup:


None of us is perfect, what do we all do when we're in the wrong?

I just admit my error, apologise, and move on after she's calmed down. 

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2 hours ago, Heeb said:

One morning after my wife and I first started living together I kissed her at the door and said "see you later alligator" as I set off for work. When I came home she was upstairs in the bedroom and the door was locked, I had no clue what I had done. Finally she let me in around bedtime but I couldn't get anything out of her so I tried to get some sleep for work the next day, of course just as I'm about to drift off she starts crying, I plead with her to tell me what I did, finally she looks at me and says "you call me alligator" needless to say I didn't get any sleep because she couldn't be convinced it was actually a saying because it makes no sense, too bad there wasn't any google back then.

They certainly get tampo over the strangest things.  My latest one came right out of the blue ( her 2nd of three then the door hits her on the way out).  I was asking what she fancied doing later and she just blurted out " the ice crusher is broken." Not having an ice crusher in the house I asked her for the start of this particular conversation as I've not got a clue what she is on about.

She just went silent and her lip dropped. I asked her again what the full story was and she just blanked me.  I reminded her that if she is discussing something I like a start then a middle and an end to a conversation so I can follow the story.  If looks could have killed I'd be dead.  I told her not to start this shi@ and just tell me what she is on about but all I got was silence.  After telling her she had better think what she is doing as she knows my opinion of tampo she just said " later" and walked away.

I went for a jog and asked her what her problem was when I returned and eventually she told me she had bought an ice crusher for her family two years ago and her sister pulled it out of their cupboard and it wasn't working so had blamed my partner. They've used it maybe 3 times in two years.  That was enough for her to give me tampo. 

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Did Sean really bitch slap Baba Wawa? God I hope he did.

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