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Body weight and diet in the Philippines

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1 minute ago, Freebie said:

Travel to various provinces and people are way slimmer, especially the kids and teenagers.

I'll agree on that... except that the 'sickness' IS starting to affect the younger people too now, here in the province, simply because of the absolute crap that many of them are being fed on, practically from birth. SNACKS, full of sugar and salt, munched on all day long, plus sugary drinks. Fruit and veggies growing all around, but surprisingly little of it going into stomachs already full of sugar. 

I honestly feel that the health of the kids and young adults here is going backwards now.  Lots of dental problems too ! (Unsurprisingly).

I have recently paid for our 9 year-old niece to have several teeth fixed. It looks like this young lady has more problems with them to come though. I'm sure the culprit is this 'spoiling of her... an only child, with these rubbish snacks. Kids' teeth are NOT the same as adults'. They are soft, and vulnerable to acid attack... from sugar.  Try getting that through to the Mrs, and other locals though. :571c66d400c8c_1(103):

The most common reason for fall-outs between me and the Mrs, i over the amount of 'crap' that she and her relatives are feeding to our 5 year-old.

I feel pretty helpless, once the child is out of my sight.  It is so frustrating.  :sad:

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On 4/19/2021 at 11:34 AM, manofthecoldland said:

How are you doing, and what's your opinion on having a healthy diet here?.... or any of the mentioned issues ?

I will weigh in on this situation...

One of my observations from years of travelling to remote - and not so remote - Pacific Island cultures is that there are a lot of weight issues in the islands. The Samoas, to cite an extreme example, don't eat until they are full, they eat until they are tired. That's a sort of dark humour joke many foreigners shared with each other, but there is a lot of truth to that. Kidney dialysis is big there - like the people - in the Samoas.

The foods of choice in most islands I visited seem to make the difference and, unfortunately, many used to be supplied (and some still are) mainly by the USA. Now many are Chinese or locally produced. We're talking Cheese Curls, potato, corn, rice and other chips, fatty meats such as a lot of ground beef, pork belly and other pork meats, deep-fried delicacies like french fries, onion rings and battered chicken are favourites among kids and adults who have a few extra pesos to spare. Add that to all the sugary sodas, confections like cakes and sweetened rice suman (rice cakes). Then there's the taro, casava and other starchy root crops. White rice is not particularly healthy alone and many Asians' thrive on it with no ill effects - especially those who work hard. But so many now seem to gorge themselves on rice and add the unhealthy products mentioned above and then there is heart disease among other ailments.

Edit: I should have included these comments in my original post... Think about the diets that most or all islanders subsisted on for...how many years? before us palagis (sky bursters in the Fijian language) showed up to "guide" them in their ways? We introduced Christianity in many different forms, TV, video, drugs... Before our western cultures arrived, they ate mostly fish, wild pigs, bananas, coconuts, taro, casava and a number of local vegetables.

HK is right on the mark regarding being fat as equating with wealth - because it is assumed that they get fat because they can afford to buy and consume the imported junk foods. Many island nations exhibit very fat women and many of the local guys really love that... Think of saturated fats, high fructose corn syrup among others.

L, for her part, generally prepares healthy meals with only the occasional fatty or starchy food. Usually she cooks fish and veggies. But she loves her rice and pork belly and junk foods after full meals. Her daughter loves sweets, Filipino-style spaghetti, carbonara so has gotten a bit heavy.

I am guilty at times due to my love of pizza, bacon/cheese burgers, beer and Tanduay...hmmm ice cream and sometimes cookies or brownies I bake - yeah, okay, mea culpa too. I have gained some weight, but keep it controlled by reducing the beer intake and do not eat much rice or other starchy foods... I am currently exercising more since we got a new guard dog who requires lots of exercise and attention as we train him...

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