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Body weight and diet in the Philippines

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1 hour ago, hk blues said:

I feel the schools could do more to help - in my son's case the PE lesson was usually a dance class pre-covid.  They should be outside running around, playing a sport of some kind as we did when we were students.  They have the facilities. just not the motivation.  Even walking here is considered a pastime of the poor who cannot afford a car!

Great point HK! Team sports are badly needed in Philippines. Not only for the exercise but for learning discipline and working together for the benefit of the group. 

Admittedly there are areas one can't safely walk very far but even very poor Filipinos will hire a trike or trisikad (spelling?) instead of walking 100 yards. Simply lazy IMO. 

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I'm fortunate in that I suffer cabin fever.  I wake by 5am most mornings and can't lay in bed.  If I'm too stiff to train in the morning I still walk a good 5km up the beach just to tick over then I t

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6 hours ago, Freebie said:

plus maintaining my 14,000 steps per day

What are you using to track your steps?  My wife had bought me a cheap fit band a few years ago, and it does not seem to be working now.  I wanted to start tracking my movement again, but I don't want to buy a really expensive one.

Weird coincidence today.  My wife and I left the house to go to the mall, and I was looking forward to a walk there.  When I got in the car, my left arm felt like it was missing something.  Like back in the day, if I forgot my wristwatch when leaving for work, I would feel naked and like something was out of place all day!  I told my wife about the feeling and wondered why it popped up.  She said she used to be the same with her watches, going to work, etc.

Maybe this was a sign that I need to buy a fit watch?



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1 hour ago, graham59 said:

We also try to get out for some exercise each day... 

I see why. Not much else you could do there :laugh:

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