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Body weight and diet in the Philippines

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I'm fortunate in that I suffer cabin fever.  I wake by 5am most mornings and can't lay in bed.  If I'm too stiff to train in the morning I still walk a good 5km up the beach just to tick over then I t

Think I'll "weigh" in on this topic as well.😀 I can relate to the attitude that many Filipinos have about walking as my wife and I take an hour long walk every morning.  Seems like she's always e

I put some weight on when I first arrived here after tearing a few ligaments supporting my right knee.  An MRI scan also highlighted general wear and tear after 24 years in the forces. I'm one of thos

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7 hours ago, graham59 said:

We also try to get out for some exercise each day...

What a lovely area for a walk. Lucky to have a safe clean area like this.

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1 hour ago, Snowy79 said:

I only eat one main meal per day and just eat two small snacks, probably about 2k calories maximum per day, don't drink, smoke or like soft drinks but I've pretty much hit my weight I think as regardless how hard I'm training now I can't get under 87kg

Your weight of 87 kg sounds perfect for your height.

That sounds quite good and reasonable, Snowy. I can only suggest you might wish to augment your regimen with a goodly amount of sexercise... burns up a lot of energy and feels good too?:smile:

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Snowy what you are doing is amazing I'm sure it's contributing to ensuring a longer and better quaintly of life. The swimming is fantastic. I was an average swimmer but now I doubt I could only do more than a half dozen laps.

After I retired last year my wife and I both gained weight to an unhealthy level. We are eating better lately and attempting to walk but are slowly loosing weight. 

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19 hours ago, Jollygoodfellow said:

I see why. Not much else you could do there :laugh:

You'd be surprised. :laugh:

Party party tonight !  :dance:

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