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REMINDER; No unapproved advertising. Please read the forum guidelines.

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Just a friendly reminder. Unapproved advertising is not allowed as per the forum guidelines. :no:

Example; Let's say you own a small business franchise in Palompon Leyte that you wish to share with the forum members. You would contact the forum manager or owner and for a small fee you would be allowed to advertise it here. Members would be genuinely interested to learn of your business. But allowing unapproved advertising would quickly overwhelm us with spam.


From Guidelines:


All spammers will be banned immediately, no one is to post advertisements on this forum unless permission is granted by an admin. Members who use PM or send Email to other members for the purpose of spamming them will be removed without notice. 


Members who wish to use our forum to advertise products or real estate must have the correct permissions, If you wish to promote a business owned by yourself or family then you will need to be a paid advertiser.
Please review our subscription packages for Advertising on Philippines Expat Forum.

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