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Hi All, 

Had my first shot on Monday and thought I'd share my experience 4 days later as all side-effects should have subsided. 

Firstly, last week  I received a text from my GP saying I could make an appointment any time for the following week within a 1 hour time block.  I immediately made the appointment, and showed up at midday.  

Had my shot at about 1230, no immediate effect, went home to chill for the afternoon.  

By about 6pm had a minor headache but that could've been from some slight dehydration as I'd been to the gym that morning doing weights and about 30 mins of cardio so not all that unusual as I'm not great at remembering to rehydrate.    

By about 8pm, after a rehydration (electrolytes) and a metric butt-tonne of water, still had the headache and started to feel those pre-head cold feelings; you know, feeling "heavy", head a little stuffy, slight case of sniffles and that general feeling of malaise and minor fever feelings. 

I wasn't concerned at all as this told me my immune system was kicking in and doing its job.  I popped a couple of paracetamol and symptoms mostly subsided and went to bed early. 

Woke up the next morning still feeling a bit stuffy, but that had cleared by the early afternoon. 

No further symptoms. 

That's pretty much my reaction to the annual flu vaccine so was all expected.

Now I'm just looking forward to Bill Gates' "Welcome to the hive" message transmitted directly to my brainstem  :hystery: - I seriously can't believe that shite gained any traction.. <dons tin-foil hat> :tiphat:

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