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On 6/11/2021 at 9:51 AM, intrepid said:

Interesting.  When we departed Manila June 2 at he airport I handed the immigration officer my passport and waited as he checked it.  He then asked for my ACR-I card.  He stamped my passport and held up a small sign with large numbers on it and nothing else.  P2880.  Handed over the cash and were on our way

Yup, this is the way I departed Manila.

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I do not recall being asked for my ACR card to exit so long as I have my Exit Clearance but if you want to get an ECC at the airport you may have to show your ACR card to get that.  Catch 22.  Were I

Yes I have the receipt and was thinking that might work but then I remembered them telling me if the card did not release in time I could get a waver. However, I like I mentioned, the waver takes 7 da

Looks I am will be good to go.  My friend gave me information for his contact at BI who has assured me my card will be ready for pickup on Friday.  Wow!   Another close call averted.

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