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High budget family expat living - What's it like?

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           I guess I'll throw my 2 cents in. I will be living on around the same budget as you when I move to the Phillipines. I have chosen Bohol as my initial destination. Beatiful beaches, good diving, alot of restaurants and rents are pretty affordable. I have my eye on a 1400 sq ft condo about a mile from the beach that rents for around $800 month. It's in a resort and has 2 pools and a restaurant on site. The draw for most people {myself included} are the Filipino people. They are supposed to be extremely friendly, and english is widely spoken. The language was the tie breaker with Thialand for me. Unless you speak Thai or pick up languages alot quicker than me, you will pretty much be limited to speaking with other ex-pats. Also, if religion is of any concern, the majority of Filipino's are Christian (Catholic).

         I have never been to Thailand, but just based on what I know about it, I'm thinking the Phillipines is a better choice for a family. I have no children, but there are numerous vloggers who do. Find them and e-mail them questions or contact someone on the forum who has kids. They will probably be happy to help. One that I follow is called "Eight miles from home". They have a young daughter around 4-5 yo. My understanding is you can get a Nanny/cook/housekeeper for around $200-300 a month. I think, based on what you initially wrote, that the Phillipines will be a good fit for you except for the fast car and motorcycle part. However, if you like off roading...I have seen numerous vlogs on people doing all day 4 wheeler trips. Kayaking seems to be really big there too.


Good luck.....Hope whatever you pick ends up being great!

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3 hours ago, Paul Hobbs said:

Good luck.....Hope whatever you pick ends up being great!

I think he choose Thailand as he has not been back to the forum since June.

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