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Any used PayPal (Friends & Family) to transfer money from a UK Account to a Philippines Account?

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I opened a PayPal Account many years ago when living and working in the UK.

     I was working for CRAYCOM (a USA Telecomms Equipment Manufacturing Co).
Their UK Office in Bracknel was Craycom International Ltd. (as they dealt with just about every-where here East of USA
I made business trips  to Europe, Russia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Guam, South Korea, and Japan>

I was promoted to Engineering Manager, based in Hong Kong, and landed on the eve of the Handover.

    Really heavy downpour of rain.  I had an umbrella but my trousers were wet up to the knees (from rain 'bouncing' off the pavements
as you walked sloping streets (and there are lots of them in Central District).  The Office was in Wilson House on Wilson Street and backed onto
'Lan Kwai Fung'  I won't say any more, as it no longer exists (like if did up to 2000).

PayPal 'Friends and Family' allows one to send money to Family Members with No Transfer Fees.

Recently my sister Susan, (who married a Fellow MOD Apprentice, Alan Williamson),  Susan Willamson sent me GBP85
to my newer PayPal Account after relocating to live in Cebu (due to a recession in the Telecoms industry).

    So now you know why I ended up here in Cebu. 

It was really this  Filipina, whom I met in a Mexican Restaurant in 'Times Square', Hong Kong.   

                                                                                Great Promo Offer
Buy a  3 Course  Set Dinner off the Menu (inclusive of 2 x FREE Drinks), and GET a FREE Salsa Dance Class Lesson,
    It was probably in November 1998, if I recall correctly.     I was  eating the  meal and drinking 'Margaritas' on my own.
Then it was time for the FREE Salsa  Dance Class, organized by a tall Latino-looking guy, but he was from the UK.

    He had a very sexy female Dance Partner. 
He said "Guys to the Left of me  and Girls to the Right  and he was stuck in the  middle with her! 
basically he with his dance partner showed us the 'Basic Salsa Steps'   Search on YouTube if not familiar.

   I am not wanting to talk about the Salsa Dance Class too much other than to mention the Dance Instuctors METHOD!
After showing is the Salsa Basic Steps, he got all the guys to form a circle - facing inwards.  Then he called for all the girls
to form a 'CIRCLE' around the guys (as there were more GIRLS than GUYS)!   (It's annoying me I have forgotten the Dance Instructors
Name). I will call him '!   

   Sebastián said Guys stretch out your right hand towards a girl opposite you.   
Girls accept the nearest hand introduce yourselves to each other and shake hands.   This is you 1st Dance Partner.

    Then there were more Salsa Steps being demonstrated and one practiced them with your 'Partner'.   
Then it was 'Form a Circle' time and meet another New Dance Partner.

    One had two Partners to practice each Set of Salsa Dance Steps with and there were 4 Sets.

     I should mention that 'Sebastián' mentioned a Salsa 'Code of CONDUCT Rule'  - if the girl accepts a Guys request to
have a Dance with her, and she 'Accepts' then no Jealous boyfriend,  or husband should get upset as that the Salsa
Code of Conduct.

     In that Salsa Dance Class this Filipina (who had not been in any of the  3 sets of two Circles).  She only joined in at the
end when Sebastián said  Girls  to the right. Guys to the Left.  Then he shouted 'Girls Grab a Guy'!
   There was a FRANTIC rush by the GIRLS
(as there were MORE Girls than Guys, so any Girl not having 'Grabbed a Guy'
will end up Salsa Dancing with the lights dimmed low, with another girl.

    The girl  that grabbed me was Salome.

 I lost my job in Hong Kong due to the Recession in the Telecoms' Industry from 2000 onwards.   But the Office still had 10 months Rent
Paid.   We created a new start-up Company that would seek other Telecom Companies looking to reduce Costs to stay 'afloat' and not go Bankrupt.

   So that is why I wrote this in the 'BANKING Section' of this Facebook Group.  I became a Philippines Expat as I lost my Job and relocated with this Domestic Helper who had given up 6 years of being away from her daughter, Ana Katrina sho she could go through High School and managed to pay her 'San Carlos University Fees', (but I helped too).

    So how many of you Members know, that  HSBC no longer accepts Payments via their Debit Cards from PayPal!
I was desperately trying to get funds into HSBC to avoid having my Credit Card Account getting CLOSED Down and HSBC Taking funds from
my other Accounts to repay the Balance owed on my Credit Card.

   Is such action permitted during COVID CRICIS?

I have been Teaching On-Line  for DaDaABC.com since November 2017 (after 5 years of Teaching in China Classrooms).
It was a great Job, up until April 2012.    I was getting CNY130/hour and paying PHP140 pm into my HSBC Bank account

     But that ended when TAL Group increased their Share Holding in DaDaABC.com and become the Majority Share holder and took over.

I had 15 x Regular Students and down to just 4 now.

    I was 66 years old on 19th April   but my UK State Pension will not happen until JUNE !

you might well ASK? 

Their Invitation letter to submit a Claim, was Dated 2nd Feb reached me on 7th April.   
I used Viber-Out to Phone the UK Pension Office.   Just as well as on my Mobile Phone for nearly 1 hour
Used under US$6 of my Viber-Out Credit.

At least the cost of living in Cebu is a LOT Lower than Hong Kong and probably the UK also?

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Tom nailed it. 

I remember your name from the rural bank scam back you were touting about 13-14 years ago Dave.

I also remember you not to be a bad guy but please no investment advice here? :shades: :wink:

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23 minutes ago, Balisidar said:

Time to lock this one, probably.😅 My eyes started to bleed before I was a quarter of the way through the post.

I thought it was a ransom note.

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Rural banks (Ponzi), then motorcycle franchise (Ponzi), then sausages, now PayPal.  No thanks then, no thanks now.  This forum is here to help expats not to rip them off. :1927_:

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LOL, Mike I had forgotten about the others what a great memory. :thumbsup:

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When he mentioned Salsa I knew he was leading me a merry dance. :shock_40_anim_gif:

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Oh my gosh, did you leave out any details. And what was the point besides a phising trip 

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Did I miss his inside leg measurement ?  :89:


I phone the UK Pension Service free on Skype (UK 'freephone' numbers also being free to call through Skype), incidentally. :smile:

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