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Our (not so boring) Simple Life on a Tiny Private Island in Mindanao

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You learn to improvise, adapt and overcome like a good Marine.  Bravo Zulu Gunny!

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7 hours ago, jamesmusslewhite said:

If this forum proves to shows longevity, then there will be plenty of time to occasionally thread in tubbiest of backstory and projections.

Sounds good.  This forum has been around for a dozen or more years so we can hope for longevity.

Now we know the background behind your enthusiasm for your Dinagat Island lobster farm. :thumbsup:

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   So with the boring backstory of how I met my soul mate, why I tired and chose walking away from a rat-race enslavement existence, rarely see our farm, for a life of glorious solitude and seclusion. Such that a pandemic has had little effect, on our day-by-day existence. From a dedicated horticulturist to a fanatical eccentric aquaculturist was an easy transition for me. I have always been conservationist a heart, with a deep-seated love for nature. The owner of this island has always been plagued by those pilfering and exploiting an ever dwindling ecology the resources of this island. And he is trying to have the island officially declared a sanctuary, but always an uphill battle. Millions of small-minded ‘Juan Tomads’ always seeking the easiest path, ‘hoorah for me, and the hell with everyone else, robbing and destroying for a mere few fast peso. Bleeding the very futures from their generations without a care or reason, like locus and jackals. This topic will surely come up from time to time in following posts to come.

   Even as a young kid, later as an adult on the Gulf-coast waters of Texas and Louisiana region; the need for conservation was paramount to insure a healthy vibrant environment and ecosystem. So when the wife and I see an injured or stranded animal we simply must try to save and protect them. Whether it is a bird or sea-turtle, that is what is called being a good steward, it is a shame that so many merely choose to do otherwise.


(wife's sister holding a rescued bird being released on our farm - wife taking the photo)


   A sea turtle being readied to be lowered into our boat at our little Dinagat Island lobster pole-hut facility. Local fishermen (even though to fish turtle is a punishable crime) were trying to catch this lady. We just happen to be boating by, and instead of diving, she swam directly towards our boat. It was as if she knew we would protect her. My brother in-law simply lifted her up onto the boat. We took her to the hut and placed her into one of the nets. There she was fed well and even swam and played with his children for several days (very gentle al creatures). And when we were sure the fishermen were out of the area, she was loaded back onto the boat where she was taken to be safely back to be released back into the wild just before dusk. The rest is in the hands of the, we were merely being a good steward. 


   This video though has a rather sad ending, for such and unexpected happy event. Days after this was taken perhaps the last know specimens of this aquatic plant species of this type species, was pulled up by it's roots for a birthday treat for a low-lifer's drunkard's party. The classic 'quintessential case in point', to this tale...


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