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Our (not so boring) Simple Life on a Tiny Private Island in Mindanao

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37 minutes ago, Jollygoodfellow said:

Trust me you have succeeded.  Honestly what is your point as  really no one cares as much as you?  Why dont you go ahead and start your own site which you said you were working on as this is not what we want here. We want covid conspiracy and crap like that. Not some fish name. :smile:

   Well I actually only started this last thread because some of your members actually asked me to start this one. But as you request, I will gladly comply, honor your wishes, and simply discontinue posting anything relating to nets or fish. No biggie dah, chief. I will stick to covid conspiracies and crap from here on out. :hystery:

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So what has life been like for both my wife and myself, living on a tiny 8-hector private island  on the outer-edge of of a mangrove forest? In a nutshell, not boring and amazingly roomy. We are liter

First though this odd tale requires a little back-story to fully appreciate and under the overall layering of unforeseeable consequences, circumstances and little nudges by Karma and an angle or two. 

So now this odd tale forwards. It’s now a mere three months before another Karma intervention and cosmic Nelson “Ha Ha”. As unbeknownst to us, all our efforts to navigate through the road blocks, and

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James, my wife is enjoying all the fish pictures makes her homesick for seafood. It makes me wish I could still SCUBA dive. 

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  •    There is plenty of time to cover more on the fish species, what was covered so far has been a fair generalization as to specie types. Presently most of our projects involve other business interests, topic best left taboo. But between those we also have small personal projects and tasks as well. Example: we are getting ready to start restoration work on the old 'Arthur 1' boat. The boat is a thread topic posted on this forum years ago. It at the time, was my project to totally rebuild a traditional (34 foot length) Visayan pumpboat. The wooden hull had been previously a small 'calamari boat' design, which had simply sit for years on 'saw-horses. Since this video, this boat proved to be a very dependable workhouse.

   So years later 'Arthur 1' will be going through it's 3rd major upgrade. I hope sometime in or around the same time I am building the new floating 'grow-out' platform. This video was taken of the boat presently sitting here at the island, one can us it to see what work ahead will be needed during that project.

   When you live on a tiny island, then small boats tend to be a thing. This one I call the 'blue roadster' and is great for squeezing into those really tight-spots among the mangroves. Very light and quick to maneuver around the boulders close to the shoreline, this tends to be my 'go to' around the island, when all I need is a life jacket, cycle-helmet and water-proofed GoPro. I can simply pull out the kayak out a few inches into the water, squat legs spread, and flop my huge-butt down and scoot-off to wherever I'm heading. Sadly the two aluminum paddles we purchased several years back, were both damaged or rusted. So now we must resort to using a single wooden paddle which doesn't work at all.

   So I need to printout the design of a kayak paddle and find a decent woodsmen to mill and carve me three sound wooden kayak paddles. My wife a while back went night-scrounging with some locals, but got caught in a bad situation (due to the cheaply China-made) aluminum paddles. The currents and winds was pushing her against large shallow boulders, as she fought the plastic paddle end she was using to push against a boulder, simply snapped off as the boat slammed into the rock. Fortunately one of her company saw flip and yelled for one of the group to get the big boat, as the Surigao currents was wanting to take her on a seaward tour to Taiwan. She lost the paddle-half, boot and some gear; but earned a few bruises, scrapes and some newfound wisdom from that rack. So I have to have to get three wooden kayak paddles made from a light-weight durably-strong buoyant wood, preferably milled and carved from a single piece of hardwood. Just one of the many items on my 'To Do' list.

My smaller kayak on the beachB.jpg

sometimes it is just me and the wife wanting or needing to boat together, which means that the small single-seat 'blue roadster' kayak simply just will not do.

The two KayaksB.jpg

This is when we instead, choose to switchover to our larger kayak. This is a double-seat kayak we lovingly refer to as the 'Blue-Rolls'. This also allows us utility options such as moving light-cargo, extra coolers or even a third person. With actual kayak paddles we can quicker and more easily move around the island's shorelines. This why I need to have three new wooden paddles made by this Summer.

Two of our log boatsB.jpg

   We also have several traditional solid-hull boats, which are actually carved from a tree trunk. They are narrow, low-profile, wingless boats quite common in the fishing-culture among the island's mangroves. They are excellent workhorses for us, we have two (14 foot 'trunk-boats') which we keep here on the island. One which my wife's helper uses to commune back and forth. We have two slightly larger 'trunk-boats' over at our 'pole-hut' facility on Dinagat Island. And I believe two more my wife lends to a couple of fishermen who uses them to catch fish and shrimp for us. The two we have here are used to haul sand, stone, rock and building materials around the island on projects here. We call them our little 'pickups' which is actually their function.

   But as you can easily see the hull of both boats have damage in meed of repair. First we need to chisel,patch and fill the sea-worm damage; fill the cracks, and then add a few thick layers of a quality grade epoxy paint, and then finish with two thick top-layers of clear epoxy.

The computer drafting table.jpg

   This is a new ongoing project I was finally able to start. I have wanted this build ever since we moved here back in 2008. A decent size mahogany-frame 'drafting top' which will allow me to actual draw architectural size drawings and diagrams. Drafting has been a passion since my first class in Junior High, then combines with High School geometry cemented the foundation of my future career choices. I had strong pencil and pen & ink skills as a preteen, so drafting came naturally to me. My obsession with horticulture, botany and biology moved seamlessly alongside master gardening and contracting; each easily expressed through a draftsman's vellums. The expression of one's 3-D concepts of the mind, through a technical language of linear algebra and geometry, explained on two independent vectors of a 2-D plane.

   After this table is completed I will then be focused on two other accompanying toys. One being a smaller 'light-table' about half the size of this table; and an adjustable horizontal-vertical 'artograph', commonly referred to as an image 'tracer'. Having a decent 'light table' and 'artograph' setup, will greatly increase both the speed and general quality of drawings and diagrams. I have built both devices in the past, and they are really not difficult to construct.

more to come...

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