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Sitting beside the famous Harton S. Semple trophy, Yuka Saso asks: "Do I get this trophy at home or do I get a different one?"

The answer is yes. The 19-year-old Filipino gets to keep the trophy for a year before it's replaced by a replica after she won the US Women's Open on Sunday, beating Japan's Nasa Hataoka in a dramatic sudden death playoff.
As she rolled in her 10-foot birdie putt to clinch the momentous victory on the playoff's third hole, Saso became the first Filipino to win a major in men's and women's golf.
When she was a 13-year-old, Saso used to watch clips on YouTube of Rory McIlroy winning his first major at the US Open in 2011. It has proven to be time went well spent.
"Watching him made me feel like: 'Oh, he's a very cool guy, he's got a very nice swing,'" she told CNN Sport's Coy Wire. "So I said to myself: 'Why not try copy it?' And that's where it all started."

Saso says she modeled her swing on the four-time major winner and the similarities in technique has been clear to see at The Olympic Club over the last few days.
She's also being mentioned by McIlroy on social media, something she describes as a "dream come true."
On Saturday, McIlroy encouraged Saso to "get that trophy" in a post on Instagram. After her victory on Sunday, he posted a congratulatory message on Twitter.
"Everyone's going to be watching Yuka Saso swing videos on YouTube now. Congratulations!" he wrote.
Saso says she can't wait to meet the Northern (some nationality) if she gets the chance.
"I hope to meet him in person and say hi or get a signature or get a picture or whatever," she said.

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