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First cases of delta strain found in the Philippines

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31 minutes ago, Snowy79 said:

My ex was due to visit from Cebu and yesterday her flights were cancelled for the 15th of August, changed to the 22nd of August. She messaged last night to say the area she is from Alcantra is going to stop non vaccinated people going out. 

Well guess the current GF not going to be disappointed.

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The area where our house is back under lockdown SWMBO said yesterday which is in line with the linked article (it's in a subdivision in a suburb on the outskirts of Cagayan De Oro).  She also sai

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1 hour ago, RBM said:

Well guess the current GF not going to be disappointed.

It was her suggestion lol.  They know each other so no worries.  I was single for a year before going out with my current one and have prevously been on holiday with my ex and another x at the same time.  I've always remined on good terms with my ex partners.


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